In recent years, Australia has witnessed a significant shift in its urban living preferences. 

According to the 2021 census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 70% of occupied private dwellings were separate houses, while 13% were townhouses, and 16% were apartments. This indicates that there are an estimated 3.1 million dwellings in apartments and townhouses, underscoring the importance of strata cleaning in these shared commercial environments.

Strata cleaning is much more than just cleaning individual units; it involves the comprehensive maintenance of all common areas such as stairwells, driveways, gyms, and pools. 

Understanding the role and significance of strata cleaning is now crucial for anyone involved in managing or living in such communal properties.

What is Strata Cleaning?

Strata cleaning, often misunderstood as just another cleaning service, is in fact a specialised area within the commercial cleaning industry, designed specifically for multi-residence properties. 

Unlike standard cleaning services that focus on individual units or standalone properties, strata cleaning addresses the broader needs of communal living environments.

At its core, strata cleaning involves the maintenance of common areas within residential complexes. These areas include lobbies, hallways, staircases, lifts, shared facilities like laundries and gyms, and outdoor spaces such as gardens and driveways.

Moreover, the significance of strata cleaning can be seen in its impact on property value. A well-maintained property is more appealing to both current residents and potential buyers. Thus, effective strata cleaning not only contributes to the daily quality of life of residents but also plays a role in preserving and potentially enhancing the value of the property.

Different Types of Strata Cleaning Services

Strata cleaning services are diverse, each tailored to meet the specific needs of various types of properties. This segmentation ensures that every property receives the care and attention it requires.

  1. Apartment Blocks

In apartment blocks, cleaning extends beyond individual living spaces into common areas. These services include regular cleaning of hallways, lifts, staircases, and other shared facilities. Given that these areas see high traffic, they require more frequent and thorough cleaning to maintain a hygienic environment for all residents.

  1. Townhouses

For townhouses, strata cleaning services often focus on external shared spaces. This includes the cleaning and maintenance of driveways, walkways, and any communal outdoor areas. Such spaces, being the first point of contact for residents and visitors, play a crucial role in the overall appearance of the property.

  1. Shared Commercial Spaces

Commercial shared spaces, such as office buildings and shopping centres, demand a different approach. Here, the emphasis is on maintaining a professional appearance and high standards of hygiene, particularly in shared bathrooms, food courts, and parking areas. The goal is to create a welcoming environment for both employees and customers.

  1. Retirement Villages

Retirement villages require a sensitive approach to cleaning. Strata cleaning services in these spaces are tailored to ensure cleanliness while also considering the safety and accessibility needs of older residents. Regular cleaning to prevent slips and falls is a key focus area.

  1. Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments, which often cater to short-term residents, require a high standard of hygiene due to the frequent turnover of guests. Strata cleaning services in these properties include deep cleaning of living spaces, common areas, and any on-site facilities like gyms or pools.

  1. Hotels and Resorts

In hotels and resorts, the cleaning services must balance aesthetic appeal with hygiene. This includes the meticulous upkeep of lobbies, guest rooms, dining areas, and recreational facilities like pools and spas. The goal is to provide guests with a luxurious and sanitary environment throughout their stay.

  1. Business Parks

Business parks, which often combine office spaces with recreational areas, require a comprehensive approach to strata cleaning. This involves maintaining the cleanliness of shared lobbies, restrooms, meeting rooms, and outdoor landscapes, ensuring that they remain professional and conducive to business activities.

The key to effective strata cleaning lies in tailoring services to meet the specific needs of each property type. Whether it’s a residential complex, a commercial building, or a specialised facility like a retirement village, the cleaning service must align with the property’s unique requirements to ensure optimal upkeep and satisfaction.

Detailed Breakdown of Strata Cleaning Services

Strata cleaning encompasses various services, each targeting specific areas of a property. Here’s a detailed look at what these services typically involve:


Stairwells in multi-level buildings are high-traffic areas and require regular cleaning to maintain safety and cleanliness. This includes sweeping, mopping, and the removal of any debris or litter. Periodic maintenance also involves checking for and addressing any wear and tear that could pose safety risks.


The driveway is often the first point of contact for residents and visitors, making its upkeep crucial for creating good first impressions. Cleaning services for driveways typically involve sweeping, removal of leaves and debris, and pressure washing to remove stains and built-up grime. Normally, owners hire pressure wash cleaning services for this.

Gyms and Pools

In properties with gyms and pools, strata cleaning focuses on hygiene and safety. This includes regular sanitization of gym equipment, cleaning of pool areas, and ensuring these spaces comply with health and safety regulations. Given the communal nature of these amenities, maintaining high hygiene standards is essential.

Internal Hallways

Internal hallways are another high-traffic area requiring frequent cleaning. This involves vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, dusting surfaces, and ensuring that these areas are free of obstructions and hazards. The frequency of cleaning in these areas is typically higher due to their constant use.

Windows and Facades

Clean windows and facades significantly improve a property’s overall appearance. Strata cleaning services include washing windows, cleaning building facades, and removing cobwebs and dust. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the longevity of the property.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces such as gardens, walkways, and communal seating areas require regular maintenance. This includes lawn mowing, hedge trimming, sweeping of paths, and general tidying to ensure these areas are welcoming and well-presented.

Bins and Rubbish

Effective management of bins and rubbish is crucial in strata properties. This involves regular emptying of bins, cleaning, and deodorising to prevent odours and maintain hygiene standards. Proper rubbish management also includes ensuring that waste disposal areas are kept clean and organised.

Each of these services plays a vital role in maintaining the overall cleanliness, safety, and appearance of strata properties. By addressing these areas, strata cleaning ensures a pleasant and hygienic environment for all residents and visitors.

Professional Strata Cleaning Services

The benefits of engaging professional strata services are evident. Firstly, they ensure that all common areas are not just clean, but also safe and hygienic, which is crucial in high-traffic communal spaces.

Additionally, the aesthetic appeal maintained through regular professional cleaning can significantly enhance the property’s value. A well-kept property not only attracts potential residents and tenants but also contributes to the satisfaction of current occupants. 

In this regard, Stinger Commercial Cleaning’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction comes to the forefront. Their tailored approach ensures that each property’s specific cleaning needs are met, thereby enhancing the overall living experience of the residents.

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