Hotel Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning Ipswich, Brisbane & Gold Coast

When it comes to your hotel, cleanliness can either make your business or break your business. With the influx in use of social media sites and review sites on the internet,
your reputation has never been so important. At the end of the day if you’re hotel does not meet certain standards; this will reflect on your customer acquisition and
retention. You can trust that our expert cleaners will bring their years to experience to your hotel, ensuring that it always looks pristine for your customers.

At Stinger Cleaning Services, we have been providing superior service and extraordinary levels of cleanliness to our clients for over two decades. We are therefore the
most trusted and reliable source of professional cleaning for hotels and hospitality businesses in Brisbane and Gold Coast. By choosing Stinger Cleaning Services, you can
trust that your hotel will be cleaned and maintained to the highest of standards.

While some companies will clean the floors, toilets and the standard cleaning areas, our staff go above and beyond to ensure proper cleaning attention is given to every
inch of your hotel or hospitality premises.

Before we start:

All of our cleaners are thoroughly trained on how to perform each cleaning task. Our goal is to clean each customer’s facility professionally and safely so you get a highquality service from day one.

The Initial Clean:

We know a seamless, no-hassle start up is important to every customer. So, at Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co, we combine up-front preparation and training with strong
management and direction to ensure a smooth, successful commencement.

Ongoing Maintenance:

A systematic approach to keep your gym looking good! At Stinger Cleaning Services, we offer strong management and quality control to plan for, and not lose track of,
the many necessary cleaning details

All-in-one solutions

Given our extensive experience we have carefully designed an all-in-one cleaning service that caters to all hospitality requirements. This means that you no longer need to
outsource cleaning and maintenance to different cleaning suppliers because we do it all. We offer:

  • Hotel room cleaning
  • Complete laundry solutions
  • Linen hire
  • Ancillary services – high pressure cleaning of walls, roofing, paving, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor window cleaning
  • Grounds care

Hotel industry is one of the growing sectors in the business world. There are hotels available in different price range, sizes and with several facilities. The main focus of
hotels is to provide travellers with shelter, food, refreshment, and similar services and goods. Every visitor of a hotel expects an immaculate standard of hygiene when
they go out for food or for a drink. Thus, it is important for a hotel to keep itself clean in order to attract customers. At Stinger Cleaning Services, we know that hospitality
managers are busy people and this is the reason we make sure that our hotel cleaning services in Brisbane, is most reliable and trouble-free. We also provide hotel
cleaning services in Ipswich, Gold Coast and other suburbs.