Pressure wash cleaning

Pest Control Brisbane & Gold Coast

Stinger Cleaning Services high pressure cleaning for all residential, commercial and industrial roofs, walls, floors and decks. Over time pollution and weather can leave
floors, decks, roofs and walls etc looking worse for wear! We use the latest high-pressure cleaning equipment in removing algae, moss from driveways, paths and walls,
we can also remove graffiti, oil stains, mortar stains and clean down new brickwork and houses. our licensed staff have the experience to know the optimum pressure to
clean your area, whether it is concrete, stone, pavers or brick. We are environmentally compliant and are also qualified, licenced to work at heights and we comply with
strict safety regulations

Stinger Cleaning Services offer quality pressure cleaning and washing service in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We are committed to provide wide range of services to clean
outside surfaces at the most reasonable cost. Call us for the pressure cleaning of your place. Stinger Cleaning Services offer this and many other different cleaning
services that are tailored to fit your needs.

For cleaning exterior surfaces, like walls and paths, nothing is nearly as effective as high-pressure cleaning. This method will remove dirt, debris, grime and much more
from both commercial and residential buildings. Call us for pressure cleaning of your building. High pressure washing is not just for outer surfaces on the sides of
buildings, either. Driveways and sidewalks benefit greatly from pressure washing. The water that gets blasted onto the surface can even remove small weeds and grasses
that grow between cracks or along these surfaces.

Can pressure washing be used on your Brisbane and Gold Coast property?

Wondering whether pressure cleaning is right for your property? Even if you have delicate brickwork, tiles, pavers or concrete surfaces, we may be able to assist you. It’s
simply a matter of adjusting our approach and using the right combination of equipment. Here are some examples of surfaces we’ve cleaned for our happy clients:


• service station floors • workshop floors • factory/office fronts • driveways & Paths • fences • brickwork • surface sealing • carparks


• house washing • roof & gutter cleaning • pool areas • driveways and paths • boat ramps • fences • brickwork • surface sealing • solar panels

Allow Stinger Cleaning Services to Take on Your Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Our clients know that they’ll get top-notch services each time they work with us, and this is why we have hundreds of satisfied clients and thousands of completed
projects throughout Sydney. Our clients choose us because:

Quality Work –

We perform the highest quality work possible, no matter how large or small the project is. Our professional Brisbane pressure cleaners deliver fast and efficient service
with meticulous attention to detail.

Years of Experienc –

You want pressure cleaning in Brisbane that comes backed by years of industry experience. This is what you’ll get and so much more when you work with Stinger
Cleaning Services. With 2 decades of experience and a dedication to going above and beyond for our clients, we’re the pressure cleaner in Brisbane our clients depend on.

High-Quality Equipment–

We believe in having the best equipment available to help us complete our pressure cleaning projects all around Brisbane. It’s powerful but precise, and this is why we
deliver exceptional results time and time again.


Stinger Cleaning Services, we take immense pride in being an Eco-friendly company. Everything we do is done with the environment in mind, and this includes saving
water each time we take on a Brisbane pressure cleaning project.