Pub Cleaning

Pub cleaning In Brisbane & Gold Coast

Pub cleaning is some of the most difficult things to clean, and it often takes a team of highly-trained professionals to get them to the level that clientele expect. One of the
most important things to remember is that because of the heavy foot traffic, alcoholic atmosphere, and the number of bodies in one space at one time, an attention to detail
when cleaning a pub or a club is essential. A few nights of dancing can completely soil a brand-new carpet and bathrooms can need every crevice completely cleaned after
a popular night. Emergency cleans are also something that often come up in more popular pubs and clubs, which can be an inconvenience to both owner and customer if
the mess is in the wrong place, like the doorway to a bathroom.

Stinger Cleaning Services can help with your pub cleaning. Not only can we clean your pub, we can clean it daily to make sure it has a steady level of cleanliness that
always impresses your customers and satisfies even the pickiest of clientele. Just because you serve alcohol, throw parties, and have high foot traffic doesn’t mean that
you have to be one of “those” bars that always smell a little off when someone walks in. Instead, maintain a good reputation and use our professional, efficient, affordable
services here at Stinger Cleaning Services. Enquire today!

We Clean as Early as You Want!

You can rely on us to Stinger Cleaning Services to have our cleaners come to you at any time you want! We can clean your pub, wine bar or night club even just right after
closing time. After a busy night, you have to clean up to get ready for the next night. Cleaning pubs and clubs on your own is such a difficult feat especially if you are to
do it every night. This is where Clean Focus comes in. We come in to clean your pub any time of the day. Our services are committed at providing excellent customer
satisfaction. 3am? 4am? 5am? Any time of the day is the right time to clean for Stinger Cleaning Services

Best Pub cleaning Brisbane and Gold Coast

We are providing pub cleaning Brisbane service since long. We offer professional service. Here is the list of few services that we offer for pub, bar and night clubs.

  • Cleaning Toilets
  • Mopping Surfaces and Floors
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Removal of broken bottles
  • Disinfection of all corners of the bar
  • Deep Cleaning of Counters
  • Arranging furniture, tables and chairs
  • Disinfecting Areas
  • Emptying Bins
  • Bar Areas
  • Vacuuming & Mopping
  • Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning
  • Kitchen & Dining Areas
  • Window & Glass Cleaning
  • Dusting & Polishing
  • Sweeping & Hosing Outside

Environment Friendly Solutions

We only use eco-friendly solutions. Although it is tough to clean a bar, we make it a point that we only use non-hazardous chemicals. The modern-day club needs to be
cleaned thoroughly and no ordinary cleaning solutions are good enough to clean it and keep it clean. Chemical based cleaning solutions can be expensive and can cause
long term problems on health, which is the reason why our cleaning products have passed Australian health and safety standards.

Stinger Cleaning Services provides a professional and reliable service to many commercial entertainment areas. Our experience and administration practices allow us to
provide cleaners that work outside of normal hours, allowing overnight cleaning of busy venues that are expected to open their doors early and close their operations late.
We are experts in hospitality cleaning and take all our responsibilities seriously.

All our pub cleaning services are conducted under safety and health regulations, responsibly adhered to by both the cleaning staff and the company administration.