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Are you googling for Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane? Look no further than Stinger Cleaning!

Stinger Cleaning provides carpet cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties. All carpets get dirty eventually with time. There are many DIT carpet cleaning solutions available, but they do not provide lasting results. Some companies will use chemicals, they may harsh you. We at Stinger Clenaing are here for you in providing carpet steam cleaning services for our customers.

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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane North

If you are in search of carpet cleaning in Brisbane North, you are at the right place with us!

We have built a strong reputation in the cleaning industry and strive to deliver quality services you can count on. Whether your carpets are cleaned to get your bond refunded or it’s simply time for a spring clean, our cleaners are ready to help you. Our service areas include the Brisbane CBD, Northside, Southside, Western suburbs, and all the way to Ipswich.

Call the stinger carpet cleaners today to get your place looking fresh and clean. All professional carpet cleaning work is 100% guaranteed. We are the #1 provider of carpet cleaning in Brisbane North.

Stinger carpet cleaning Brisbane is the leader in professional deep steam cleaning and sanitation for carpets, rugs, mattresses, upholstery, and more. We are the specialists to call for residential or commercial carpet cleaning services. Stinger carpet cleaning has been steam cleaning carpets in all Brisbane suburbs.

Our carpet cleaning in Brisbane has thousands of happy customers that use our services because of our track record in the carpet cleaning industry. We always aim for the best quality of service for our customers.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Are you looking for Carpet Dry Cleaning in Brisbane?
Steam Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane leaves your carpets walk-on dry straight away.

Our expert Carpet Cleaning system infuses Electro-Shield into our cleaning solutions to treat mold, germs, and bacteria.

Exclusive exothermic carpet dry cleaning system removes more stains than any other cleaning process.

Our 4 step cleaning process is proven to effectively provide amazing carpet cleaning results. We bring back your carpet’s natural brightness by restoring the original chemical balance in the cleaning process.

Enjoy a fresh, lemon fragrance when the job is finished instead of a pungent wet-carpet odor. We perform a thorough pre-vacuum using industrial-grade equipment to lift dry soils and debris prior to cleaning.

Our superior clean doesn’t use excessive chemicals, excessive water, or excessive heat to treat your carpet, maintaining the integrity of your carpet while successfully breaking down the grease and body oils that hold the dirt to the fibers.

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How does Carpet Dry Cleaning Differ From Steam Cleaning?

The main difference is the amount of water used. Traditional steam cleaning can use between 10 to 50 litres of water per room, sometimes more! That amount of water can mean drying times of 24 hours or longer.

Stinger Cleaning’s Carpet dry cleaning process uses up to 90% less moisture. This is made possible with specialised cleaning solutions that combine acidic and alkaline cleaning solutions to create heat and break up oily stains while releasing dirt from the fibers. Dirt and stains are lifted through this exothermic, or heat creating, cleaning process to leave a superbly cleaned carpet without a chemical residue.

Carpet Cleaning Ipswich

Are you googling for the best Carpet cleaning in Ipswich? You are at the right place with Stinger Cleaning.

When it comes to finding the most professional Home & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Ipswich Queensland, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Our carpet cleaners are some of Ipswich’s most experienced & knowledgeable technicians, who pride themselves on providing exceptional quality & attention to detail each & every day.

Our reputation as a quality carpet cleaning Ipswich is very important to us. We’ve worked extremely hard to build our reputation over the years & we intend to impress you with our service.

Our processes are systemised so that all technicians perform their roles in the same way, providing a punctual friendly service with great attention to detail.

Stinger’s Carpet Cleaning Ipswich: Our team can handle your Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaning jobs in Ipswich too. Keep your premises looking clean & professional to create a healthy, happy workplace for staff & make a good impression on your visitors.

Stinger’s Carpet Cleaning Ipswich: Our team can handle your Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaning jobs in Ipswich too. Keep your premises looking clean & professional to create a healthy, happy workplace for staff & make a good impression on your visitors.

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